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Opening my Sari-sari store business

During my childhood years I didn't care enough on managing our small store. I just get what I want in there and ate what I like to ate. Since I'm young I like eating all the chir chiria inside the store. I remember my childhood because there are still around hanging on my store. Like Zeb-zeb, Boy wonder, Sunshine, lala and many more.

So when my father died because of sudden death. My mother was able to continue with managing the store. Unfortunately she grew weary of it and wants to take a rest together with her peers. She lend it to others for a monthly rental fee. I was quiet and speechless. When the leasee wasn't able to cope up with the business they try to sell everything to the New owner/ leasee. And it happened again, They went zero balance and grew weary.

When my mother told me that nobody is willing to rent or I might say, I already told her in the past that I am very much interested to manage and do business. So I then grab the opportunity to have this business. I grew with this business and I know how to handle this business. I remember again when I was in Highschool I can manage the store for the whole day. How I remember everyday I was in tears that I don't like it opening at 5am in the morning. Wheeew... if only I knew how good it was to start the business in the morning. My father told me everytime when I'm still intact on my bed, " Nagkalat na ang pera sa labas, tulog ka pa". How I just miss somebody again will tell me that. I never knew from that day, It was my father telling me to do business.

So for the past week, we are still observing on how this business of ours work. I hope God will bless this new venture. And I know God will always guide those who as for guidance.

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