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What's your standard of being successful?

Many think of  having Billion Peso and owning alot of lands and properties, cool cars, speeding yacht and ships are the standard of being successful on your career. Think again maybe your daydreaming again.Sometimes even having a Macbook Pro Laptop and Samsung Galaxt S III Tab had become the standard of success. On the other hand, they came up with the idea that being a CEO or a Manager came up with the word S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

I feel pity on those people who look at others that are losers because they don't own a nice house and a nice car. Some thinks being able to speak fluently also adds standards to success. I can't blame you since this world doesn't gave us the mind to check our hearts. This world only thinks on how to destroy others.

So how do you define success? Success is having everything in God's Will. It is serving God with all your might and all thy power. Seeking first the kingdom of God and all else will follow. If all else are given back to God, He is able to bless you and provide everything for you. Just continue serving God.

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