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Jamming with my kids

Isn't it good to feel singing together with your kids. Going home early knwoing that someone is waiting for you to arrive. It was a culture. 9 years we are doing this every now and then.The bond we have are not as Father and daughter but are good friends instead. So what's the point of my argument. I feel relieve and stressfree everytime a small arm hands around my neck. Those are the hands of Sammie and not to mention the small voice of Jana who is so kulit.

This was the main reason why I didn't push to work in Al Jazeera. I'm gonna miss this guys who are always there making me laugh and making me cry into joy. Happily and tremendously with great pleasure it was a God given gift for me.

What I love is that I grew up with them. I play with them. I joke with them. I knew their characteristics and I know them very well. Truly, I know when they are angry and when they are happy. I know when they are discourage and I know when they are overly excited. I was a Father but they were my daughters who teach me how to be a good father. I continue to thank God for all the blessings and all the trials He has given us. Into this great experience we continue to deeply know each other.

If you have a family love it and cherish every moment with them. We only have one life and sharing it with them is the Best thing we can do in our life.

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