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I lost my life.

Starting with the alarm of the clock at 5:30am, Rushing in the toilet to find comfort. You'll know you're wide awake once the cold water hits your head. Screaming out because of the cold that you feel everytime the water is poured into my slim body. At past 6:00am you have to take a quick breakfast. A Milo concentrated Chocolate or maybe a water cold as ice will do for the jumpstart. I wonder how I survive those trial years. I wonder.. I just wonder. Life at that time was easy, careless and free as I have remember my younger years. That was about 20years ago.

No dreams. No Life. No money. Nothing to do. I remember after iI graduated college. I have a hard time looking for a job. Job hunting for me is not a priority. I didn't knew the meaning of salary and I don't care if I don't have one. I just care is that I'm with my father and helping them out on our small business. I wonder now it all change. Sometimes you will then realize that you fail. I fail because of the choices I had made. Maybe and just maybe. Things that have been avoided just because You have choose the right one. We'll enough for the bitterness but let's proceed with the future. Now that I still have the focus on my mind on what I really wants and what I really care. I still can proceed with my future. Proceeding with the future is continuing to live a life you wanted to be, right? 

Ano nga kaya kung? at ano nga kaya? There are things in life that I wasted because I'm following a wrong belief and a wrong faith.  My life now is no challenge at all. Work. Home. Sleep and That's it. Period and done. I'm beginning now to hate a thing I love to do. I'm beginning to stop believing now that it works just how it was designed. Odd? me too. I just don't know what is happening. It seems that God is putting me on a situation that only Him knows and that I have to have faith in Him and Fully trust Him. Working for God and not for me is the lesson I now beginning to swallow.

I just need atleast a day or two of rest then maybe..just maybe.

Thanks for reading my sentiments. Have a happy Weekend.

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