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Hot on the Grill: John Paul Encinas

Do you still remember Robert Blair Carabuena? The man who mauls the MMDA officer? Now we have hot off the Grill, Mr. John Paul Encinas. What you are about to see is how he treated this woman. He pour water, he throw plastic bottle and worst is that he even put paper bills on the cashier's mouth. 

It only started when John Paul Encinas was asked to pay what He ate at the cafeteria. Unfortunately, John Paul Encinas doesn't have his money in his pocket and told the Cashier that He will get it from his car. The Cashied then told John Paul Encinas, "Pag sa Laundry shop ba pwede yan?" ( Can you also do that on your Laundry Shop). 

This simple word of sarcastic reply make Mr. John Paul Encinas angry and this Video below happens next.

On the other side of the story, is his reply interview. Although from my own opinion. What urges this guy to commit such action is that maybe on his mind he thinks that He is the customer and he has the right. Unfortunately, both ends has misunderstanding and both have mistakes. The only problem here is that all had been caught on video and it all boils down a guy hitting a helpless woman. In my opinion, He could just talk to her and get angry to her but not to punch or pull her out or make some thing that is physical and abusive. 

What do you think?

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