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I Quit DCP

I've been working with DCP werbsite for about 6 months. It was a free service on my side because I wanted to help my fellow DCP owners. I'm the man behind the registration of

I was able to grab a free hosting from a good friend of mine, Jhong Andaya. A co-blogger of mine who happens to have  an unlimited hosting on his server. SO after atleast 3 months we are running on a freehosting site. Eventually, all the other old members from the had join the .com website. Without any moderators I was running the site all alone. I posted from the group if somebody wants to join me as moderator. None but only one answer and voluntered as moderator. When the server goes down again because of lack on resources. I have to migrate it again. Another good friend of mine gave me another free hosting. This time the access is quick and no problem at all with the resource. Eventually as the month ending I got a Bandwidth limit exceeded. This time around it was a problem on the Ajax Messaging notification that's eating a lot of bandwidth. I have then asked to move the server again to namecheap. This time a DCP member help me out and another DCP member intiate.  No officers or whatsoever send an SMS or give a call to ask what's happening. Now everything was working fine. I have assign one Administrator to take charge of the site. This admin does filtering on the thread and category. Not allowing newbies and closing thread. On my part as administrator it was quite great and seems the rules that he/she was implementing on the site will make it clean and tidy. I don't like thread being hi-jack or goes off topic because of those EX-officers and Founders wannabee that they call their self Emperor of DCP. Simple rules and simple guidelines this guys can't follow.

It even come to the point that I was been accused that I'm the Chief Admin. Damn hell this people. I was there to help and this guys just accuse something in split seconds. Even a small English grammar problem they can't forgive. So then I decided to quit DCP and just put this experience in the trash. I just then feel relieve from the stress.

Goodbye DCP. With all the help I have you just gave back trash....

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