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Why??? Always asking Why???

When the time comes that you ask yourself WHY? Then probably its the time you've come to the point that you want your job out. People always complain. Reasons for that I will try to list here. I was observing some colleague and in particular a supplier's support who always asked why?

One reason I see that they asked the why question is that, they blame others error. They look others are foolished and they are not. I call them SR ir Self-Righteous people. They want to uplift themselves by turning others down. A very stressing experience but I learned to fight and tell my other side.

Another reason, They want a change. And that change that they are waiting didn't came about. Maybe because on their end, He thinks he did all the good things to have these company prosperous but on the other hand the Boss didn't even appreciate anything and Here you are again wanting to play Hero by resigning. You feel arrogant and you feel that the company lost a valuable person in the presence of you. 3or 4 months then you realize the company are still working good and you are on the sofa nothing to do but sigh...

Third Reason, You are born complainer. Every little thing you do you complain. The only thing you didn't complain about, Is that you wake up in the morning. Might be better then that once you open your eyes you complain then to God and tell him, Why have you woke me up. hahahahhahahah

Forth reason, let me think....

no patience and quits easily. Life is full of colors. Don't see it on Black and White, the world had evolve into a wonderful place. Cheer up and work.

Fifth. The End.

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