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Stilts Calatagan Review

We went to the Stilts Resort in Calatagan, Batangas last week. It's around 200kms from our place. The travel was about 3 hours, I think. Approximately my GPS calculated the travel at 2hrs. What differs Stilts with other resorts that I've already been?

The cottage is built on top of the water. They are on hard concrete foundations. You will be directed with bridge woods underlying the clear sea. (I'm trying to describe what I see, sorry for the grammar). The waters are clear and you can actually see fishes, starfish, urchins and some unfamiliar sea creatures. My Wife says," It's creepy".  I can hear the wind blowing smoothly in my ear. Just got better with my Fight kite. Maneuvering the Flying object in the sky makes me feel I'm a kid again. Everything is  coming back to the younger years. The only thing I don't enjoy is those little worms that are smooth and slimy. They are everywhere on the Knee deep seashore. Although I enjoy my 1hour freedom.

The sand on Stilts are not at Boracay's white colored beach but it resembles somehow Boracay's place. Although, it can be another competitor for people who wants to have a vacation for 2 or 3 days. Going to Batangas is a breeze with the Isuzu Crosswind. I think it only took 1,500 for diesoline from Q.C. to Batangas. With regards to the food, I like their Nilagang gulay with the Balayan Fish Sauce. I also like thieir Cream Dory fish fillet.  I got disappointed since the breakfast didn't include Bacon and Tocino. I don't see my breakfast fullfilling.

I would recommend staying in Stilts for a day. If you have a boat it's nice to tour around and made some fishing.  I love to go back to Stilts anyway.

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