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Purified Water Refilling Station Revo

I got a chance to buy a second hand 6-months used water refilling station. The reason for selling the stuffs is because no one is able to manage the business. Second, the people who manage it wasn't able know-how of operating the Water Refilling business. With a whooping Php 100,000 I grab the opportunity to buy the whole station.

What includes in the buying? A two 1000Gallon tank from FirstTank. 3 State of the art filter. They are the Multi-media, Activated Carbon and Water Softener together with the Brine tank. ( It's the one where the Salt is fill-up). 3 Powerful pump. I guess the onc cost around 30K because its a vertical pump  and has a logo CNP. The other two are quite familiar but I think its also durable and can withstand the job. The Refilling station that we bought also includes the Membrane for Reverse Osmosis. The most critical part and main artist of the Lab. I also have a Butyl Bladde tank and also included in the Package are the UV LAMP.  Stands and Holders are intact but I have to fabricate a custom sized tailored for the size I have constructed. I have some Free Filters and PVC pipes all in all.

Below are some pictures of the OLD Water station. A not so Clean, and Bara-Bara setup. basta kung san lang nailagay. Anyway, I will post the new one, Once it's done. Excited much for this new opportunity.

I'm a bit amazed and overwhelm that I want to push and finish right away the construction and be able to serve people in the area. Many are asking when are we going to open up and sell. I saw alot of people passing at my store with their Blue Gallons. I wonder if I have my Lab setup would they compromise and try our water. The problem I'm facing now is marketing. How and why they will choose us instead of the Water Refilling station they where used to buy. I also need people who are clean and knows how to sell. All of this are worries and risk of having a Water Refilling station. As of today, We are still not operating but maybe next week or two. We will begin testing and have a soft opening. I'm writing this blog at my bed with headache and flu because of Over-fatigue. I love to work but my body can't contain what's in my  mind. Please pray for my healing.

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