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Suzuki Skydrive with Stock conversion to Kalkal Pipe

Kalkal Pipe originated from my opinion when riders wants to have their stock looking mufflers or exhaust or pipe on their motorbikes. From what I remember it was Jad Racing who copy the V8 version 1 that made it more popularize today. Now from that time 2005, it was a trade secret on what are inside those exhaust tubular round steel. They call it "kalkal" since you are taking everything out of the box. All the dividers, all the tubings and all the silencers.

In this picture shows where we cut the cylinder pipe.

This is what it looks like inside the Stock Suzuki Skydrive's Exhaust pipe.

Now in order to pull-out everything, they weld on those dividers. Welding a thin sheet of metal makes a hole and thus having the divider easy to remove. There are two dividers the other one holds the other end after this divider.

After having a clean cylinder and no more hindrances. This where the secret lies.

Here's a photo how its fitted on my SD.

I'll be continuing this post tomorrow. My internet connection is a bit wary and slow.... I'm just on a tethering mode with my Globe Account and Samsung Galaxy Y.

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