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My 6 hours ride back home

I'm writing this blog inside a Dark Blue Isuzu Crosswind. Together with my colleague we're heading back home. After a week long work and away from our family we are eager to see them back home.

I've headed an installation for a TV channel in Dagupan. Think now which TV station it was. It doesn't matter at all. If it matters to you then try to guess.. It's between ABS-CBN or GMA 7. After all you wouldn't be able to guess which room I'm taking pictures for my servers and desktop.

It was my first time to be in Dagupan. All I can remember is that when an earthquake hits Manila on June 16,1990, they have also been affected a lot , I also do remember that floodings in the area are always knee deep. Maybe because they are too close to a GULF.  It seems to me the people are friendly. They have a sense of style in a was I can describe. I love how they cook vegetables especially the Labong and Saluyot. The only problem I have with this installation are the boarding rooms that I have. Too dirty and a lot of Mosquitos everywhere. They told me that there is another variant of DENGUE which they name as TSIKUNG-GUNYA. I have a taste of good and bad but nonetheless if Work is to be talked about. I think they are professional enough in terms of listening and understanding the lecture/training. I have 4 operators which are so attentive. We got hands on training so they would be familiarized with the software.

On the other hand, I got problems with Room Temperatures, with my Video Cards. Definitely, next week will be going back there to check the people and the equipment. we've already requested some provisions and I hope it wil be delivered right away. Rain now is hitting our car hard and we are running 80-100kph.

See you soon Dagupan, I'm heading back home to finish my unfinish project. Honestly, what I cannot forget. Our restroom sucks!

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