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The ROAD ends at 100ft

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My career path started 9 years ago. I was agile, dreamer, innovative and hungry for new knowledge and learning. I was a team player, a contributor. I remember suggesting a lot and recommend things out of nowhere. I love this company. I love the people in it. I love the environment of being a family. With a lot of challenges we have overcome. Projects after projects it was done according to plan. I might say it was the company's glory days. I remember I didn't feel being tired even with 2-3 days of continued working hours. It is then you feel you have loved the job and you have the passion to conquer and deliver everything for the sake of the job.

All good things end. On my end, this was my last year. This is the End of the Road for me. With another challenge to another company I believe I can do it again. It is the faith that God directs us in path we cannot even imagine. Continue to dream because our God is a Big God thru Jesus our Lord and Savior.

To My Pare, My Boss Mon,

Thank you! Thank you for all the help. You've been such a great mentor and a friend. I will and will always continue to cherish my stay with MCI and having you as my Boss. I never regret those 9 years I spent on your side. I will continue to pray for your success. I love you Pare... Thank you for believing that I can even though I cannot. 

To Chard,

There's a box inside your brain that you can hide your personal endeavors for a moment. Stay focus on your dream and be hungry to learn more. As Steve Jobs says, " Stay Foolish" for in Foolishness you start to learn. Focus and believe in yourself. Thank you for the big help with all the Etere issues and projects. I know you can overcome what life gives you. Be strong and take courage. Remember to pray. 

To Kiko,

Sorry I cannot teach you anymore. It was a crash course on your end learning tiny bits of Etere and networks and other IT stuffs. Thank you for listening and executing all things I have told you. I'm amazed on the skills and talents you have shown me. 3 years from now I want to talk to you again and I believe you'll be better off me with regards to Etere and Network configuration. I saw myself when I was starting as a Technical Support. Continue to focus and strive for new knowledge. Remember that everyday is a learning process, Do not be stubborn and relax. We have a mountain to move.

To Chico,

Pre.. I have nothing to say. You have learned things on your own and I do give you all the credit i. I just want to say thank you for respecting me when I suggest ideas. Now that you are the Heir of thy Throne there would be trials and decisions sometimes  hard and some are easy. You'll be tested over time. I pray for your success in life, your family.

To my MCI Family,

There would be tough times and those tough times may challenge you. It might shake you. It will try to redirect you. Continue to pray. Continue to seek. Continue what the company had started. I wish more success for your company and may the Vision and Mission that the leaders had started will continue to live on. I've been hurt and I have hurt, but through those hurting, we learn and we forgive. To those people I have hurt please forgive me. God bless you guys. 

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