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Petron Fast Price

Do you remember Petron’s last year Promo? A metal cast iron of Porsche with alarm and sounds when you open its doors? I was a fan of collecting cars especially those that are race car and sports car make.
I remember everyone in the office wants to refill our Isuzu crosswind every now and then in the Petron station just to collect all the cars. I wish that the Petron Management will somehow give us another chance. If you are given a chance though, would you like to have that promo again? I was a bit curious when I saw their advertisement on their Facebook page, According to their official FB page, the promo will start on November 15. I also notice that it’s a Fastprize Promo. Would it be nice to have a prize as fast as you wanted? Maybe it would be better if you can save the hasttag #PetronFastPrize in order for you to get updates for the next big thing in Petron’s Promo.
In case you want to join the promo by using the Hashtag #PetronFastprice what prize would you like to receive? Maybe you want to have a House, a car or a trip for 4 to Italy as a prize?  If I will will this #petronfastprize , I would love to have a Petron station as a Prize.. kidding… maybe a Mitsubishi Montero for the family and a special trip to El Nido Palawan….
Do you know why everyone is heading to Petron? According to the gas boy who fill up my tank today, there will be something big that will happen starting November 15,2014.. I asked him what it was but he replied, Guess it. So I look around and see the poster #PetronFastprize. A hint maybe for us Petron users.If its fast, maybe a jet, a ferari  or a train. But to no avail I wasn’t guessing hard. I think it’s for us to find out when Petron reveals their mysterious promo

Time to share your wishlist  in the comment below. You’ll never know…

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