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How to restore a Yamaha X1

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These motorcycle was a swap out deal with my KHS 26er bike that I was willing to give up to put up a water refilling business. Financially I wasn't ready at that time and its the only way that I can think of in order to have a delivery service for my Water Refilling Station. The Idea then was to put a sidecar on the Yamaha X1 which at that time was really hard for me to decide since the bike is in pristine condition. Only to find out that its paper are still need to be processed since it was in mortgaged with a Financing institution. I will not go into details cleaning it registration as well as putting on its Certificate of registration that we put up a sidecar on it.

But nonetheless after 3 years, we have acquire a new Honda TMX 155 which now gives me the freedom to decide if I have to dispose these motorcycle or to keep it. I go with the latter. Why? Yamaha X1 is an iconic underbone. During that time, it beats all its rivals on its category. Not to mention thought that it can compete with the 125cc engine especially the Shogun R/Pro 125. I'm just hearing now someone murmuring to have a friendly gauge. Sorry the bike is not for speed now and I won't let you do it.

So to start with let me show you how it looks when it's delivery setup. It can actually carry 10 5 gallons of water plus the driver and its helper.

Sidecar are made of metal frames and not hollow which makes it more heavier than it looks. I believe I change the chain set as well as the Front and rear sprocket in order to give more  power sledging water. Any one who sees these bike had pity on it. I remember one guy said, " Would you like to swap it with my bike" and I said no. I know the owner of these bike and I know that everything are working fine. Which will not give me a headache after all. 

How to restore the Yamaha X1?

Since these is a beaten up motorcycle for 3 years. I started changing which needs to be change. 
First stop. Clutch linings and Springs. I bought it online selling Yamaha X1 stuff in Facebook.
I want to change these parts which I believe these are the one that gets all the hard beating.

I then move on to the Air filters, and Chain set. I put it back to the 14/36 ratio in order to keep back its speed.

Some parts are really worn out which really pissed me of so with my anger I change them with a new one. I bought a Kick starter, The frond and rear fender and as well as the original switch. As well as the Black Top part of the Engine cover cowling. Isn't it amazing that they are still available and can be use to make a pristine look bike??? I'm happy with it.

These Engine top cowling I have to replace since we bore a hole on these part in order for the sidecar to be mounted.

Then I said, I'm done. Yippeeeee.. bike is restored and can be use as usual.

NOPE! I not done yet...

 Upon my vacation I notice that front brake is not as good. As it sticking and it feels hard to press. I feel something different. I use the bike to go to the Embassy one morning. On my way home traversing the Meralco Ave flyover, The bike wiggles, the brake pad sticks and the piston aren't returning to its normal place.

From Ortigas till a good old friend's house I was able to make it. To make the story short, I have to find a replacement of a repair kit for the caliper. Unfortunately, since these bike is not assemble and was imported from Thailand. Scarcity on the parts exist. What do we do next???  We improvise, We upgrade and with a little research and asking. We decide to change the Caliper with a brand new. 
The caliper is from a Racing Boy for Sniper Classic but there's a catch. you need to change the Front Fork Bowl in order for you to use the caliper. As well as you need an extender for the caliper in order not to have the caliper touches the screw nuts. Horrible isn't it... but it didn't end there. You have to change the DISK. yes the disk you need to make it bigger.

So here it is.

Notice the photo below before it doesn't have the extender. The caliper won't be able to slide in its place and its an obstacle. Not a good idea so then 

I bought an extender as well as a bigger disk.

Here's the actuall photo of it being installed.

Nice fine looking bike right? Bonza shop are saying that the parts I'm putting on are more expensive now comparing to the cost of the whole bike. I don't care.. hahahhaha

On the other hand, since we bought a whole RCB caliper , extender we might as well consider changing the Master. and Here I would like to show you.. RCB Brake Master.

I love these part sine I'm the one who installed it on the bike. Some parts had been grind in order to fit it.

Wheeew everything is so nice then. But I believe it wasn't enough. We need some kicks to make it a little cooler isn't it?

So I decided then to change those spoke wheels to a mag wheels and make it tubeless for better comfort on going back and forth to the Vulcanizing shop. I'm a fan of Tubeless tires. Give you less complications after all.

In order for you to mount these wheels is that you need a Sniper Classic Brake panel and you'll be good. I bought mine from someone at 500Php.

 With some cleaning and brushing we got it paired with the RCB 3 spoke Magwheels...

Here are the photos below of the complete restore YAMAHA X1.

I don't know what's up next but I have a feeling I will need to bring down those engine and have it clean and powder coat as well as the center and sidestand plus the swing arm. If anywon know which swing arm from RCB fits in the X1 please let me know.

Ciao and thanks for reading!

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