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Yamaha Nmax 155 User Manual

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In the Philippines were commuting are as hard as finding a needle on a haystack and were travelling is really a pain in the ass. A motorcycle is a must. If you want to go to Point A to B in the right time at the correct moment. How many of you have missed interviews, meetings and important event because that time that you supposed to be in the event, You still stuck in the god-damn traffic.

But hey!, We live in a world where you have to get your own solution. Thus, many of my friends turn from commuting to motorcycling and also thru biking.  So to make the story short your the same with a friend of mine that wants to ride a scooter now and upgraded your self from being stuck in your cage (4 wheel car) or Jeepney and rather choose to buy a convenient , comfortable but a little expensive Yamaha Nmax. Unfortunately, you don't know much of the scooter and so do I so we grab the manual in order for us to understand what's beneath the beast.

From the Facebook page of NCP or Nmax Club Philippines which I'm not affiliated with. I have commented numerous time regarding the OIL reset procedure. It surfaces from time to time so I had been requested to upload and share the PDF link.

Mostly the questions on the page group are how to reset the OIL on the gauge panel, Where to easily see the level of the Coolant in the Reservoir as well as how to open the Fuel tank.

So here we go folks! please read along and reshare these on your page group in order for everyone then to understand the Yamaha Nmax 155.

Please reshare the link...

Yamaha Nmax 155 User manual

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