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Unauthorized payment from Google *YoungJoy

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I've been hack! That was my first reaction when I notice on my credit card statement that I've been compromised. I wonder how since I've been using my credit card with all its security settings to avoid these scenario. 

On May 14, A transaction was made for YoungJoy thru Google. I've tried to google it and found that it was a fraud, a hack .. a lot of complaints for this unverified payment.

I check my Google Playstore on my mobile and see that I only have my One Google drive as transaction. Strange isn't it. What I did next was to report it to google for disputes and claim back my money. You can google how to claim your unverified payment  here.

And after 7 days Google replied that they could verify my claim and that its a legit transaction.
what I did next was to report the transaction to my Credit card bank. Thru email I send them all the details. (I'm still waiting for their update). 

Since I'm not a fan of waiting. I've tried to google and dig deeper on where am I or what am I doing that time. I remember then that my Eldest Daughter Sam requested me to give her a Gift on the Mobile Apps " Mobile Legends". She wanted a skin for her hero " Ruby:" I remember buying the 1000 Diamonds and give her a 700 diamonds worth of Skin.

For all those complaining about Google *YoungJoy, I have research that its the old Mother company of Moonton which they are using as a transaction when you bought  diamonds.

Now I'm relieve and nothing to worry about.

I'm not hacked, its just that the YOUNGJOY doesn't even ring a bell because it was never nor near the apps name Mobile Legends.


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