My Own way of Sharing the World I see on my own Perspective.

About Me

I graduated and passed the Licensure exam in Electronics and Communications Engineer way back April 2001. I'm a Network Administrator and became an IT head eventually. Now I am a Broadcast Operations Manager in a prestigious TV station base here in Manila. We cater 7 channels mostly foreign films. I do the Systems Support and Integration of our system. This is my usual 7 hour day job.

At home, I do a lot of DIY things from creating Palo China Tables, Gardening, Painting, 2 stroke motorcycle engine troubleshooting and Restoration too! I love working on my own. Designing things and customizing it on my own preference. I'm a father of 2 and a husband of one. I started my blogging hobby in 2005.

I mostly blog on Motorcycle, Gadgets, Current events, and Pinoy Scandals with a twist.

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