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Manila Ocean Park: a dirty park

Dissapointed of what?

With Manila ocean park…

Damn! I wake up early to let Amiel breathe some air at the Manila Bay. 7' o ‘clock in the mornin’ we headed to Manila Ocean park. Lots of people are line up in the bay line. Together with lots of trash the earthling people left. How unlucky we are that this people are uneducated and do not care of the others. Trash here and there and no people to clean up this mess.


I haven’t seen any garbage cans or somebody to police people not to litter on the park. Why I was there? Amiel has an asthma and sea water are better for the little girl…. We spend atleast 30 minutes of nice sunlight. Aside from the trash, the water is good. It’s still clear. I have my kids washed their feet and hands.

I hope manila ocean park will have a solution on this growing problem of waste management.

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