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Windows Live Writer

Many Blogger today used tools to further enable them to write easily. To do updates on their blogs and easily publish photos and also photo albums.

I'm pretty sure you are aware of Windows Live Writer program of Microsoft. Using this Free Software makes my life easier to blog. I can easily upload pictures on my account without hesitation on the Size. Because you can easily crop, resize and edited the pictures you have.

Aside from uploading pictures here and there. There is also a feature that if you want to edit a post from the remote location it can be easily retrieve.

Adding labels and tags on the pictures are easy as 1,2,3. I also able to add keywords easily on my blogpost.

The software supports blogger,typepad,wordpress and other blog platforms. I hope you try your hand on this software. How about you? what software are you using on posting your blog?

All the best..clutch

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