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HID Ballast get busted (vikousi)

After 9 months of using this vikousi HID. The ballast get busted. I’ve tried to test with other unit of HID my HID bulb and its working. After 9,000kms of usage on my odometer.

I bought this vikousi HID to xiatglazz. A forumer/seller of HID.

here below is the log I note on my wordpad maintenance sheet.

@8172 KM

Vikousi HID installed Feb 28,2009

Cost 2,300 parts and labor.

Before the ballast die, I notice it last infanta ride that it halfway dimmer than the other night. I didn’t check it since it is working. Yesterday, going home it still lit but I’m not the kind of rider who always have my headlights on especially the HID since it’s annoying to other bikers and commuters. I turned it off then after the stoplight I turned it off. after a couple of routine turning on and off it didn’t turn on. Poor HID vikousi. I have a good fellow here at the office who also have an HID installed on his bike. I asked him if i can do a test of my HID bulb. And sure do the HID ballast is the culprit. It will cost me 1,500 for the ballast to buy a new one. I ask master circuit for help on this.


For now, I will again disassemble my HID and have it repair if applicable and use the Stock bulb and put everything i order.

With regards to xiatglazz, who is not reacheable as of the moment. I rest my case. I have contacted you thru SMS and calls and even exchange pm’s on motorcyclephilippines [dot]com. I hope you have resolved your personal issues.


now I can moved on. Stock bulb…stock more night ride for me.

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