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Driving your scooter into traffic







Pretty sure enough if you’re stuck in traffic in Metro Manila. You would be likely to have this kind of Scooter. A rolling BF’s Urinal and Bowl. How would you like it painted now? A pink and Blue or only with a green with Lime green leave decors. I almost see it everyday coming from Home to office how this Scooter riders rush into traffic. They are called “Mananahi”(sewers) because they weave in and out of each car in front of them. I find more underbone riders do this often rather that scooter lovers. With those underbone equipped with rear set foot pegs and borekits. They looks like they are having a loose bowel movement. On a busy street where space are really not enough this underbone riders zip thru.

I remember my Suzuki Shogun Pro. I tend to zip side to side with other riders and I find it really hard to maneuver the bike because you need to squeeze into the clutch and grip into the throttle. Like in scooter that twist the throttle and off you GO. I mostly considered scooter is at far more convenient and comfortable to me when it comes riding.

It was also been discussed into the MCP forum why riders tend to ride fast where there is also another side of the story. Sometimes riding fast takes a way the time that you mingle with your bike. Riding fast enough takes away the time to think and see how beautiful our roads are(eventhough puro potholes).

I’m currently loving to ride my scooter in slow pace mode. Every morning coming from the office I’m late. I tend to slowdown every now and then when I passes thru the North Ave. I like the straight road with Green trees on its side. Seems like I’m not in the Philippines.

Life is is boring… Scooter riding is the best cure for all this boring times.

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