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Faceebook my Cat

I got curious on how would  faceebook the name of this cat would look on my Kodak Point and shoot camera. Below are my Raw shots. This Cats are from Solar Entertainment. They like people so they are not aloft in anyway. Even from a camera they are not shy. Here’s a cat sleeping somewhere the hall.

faceebook faceebook

faceebook faceebook faceebook

And Finally after 5 shots, He was awake.. oh not fully awake only half.

faceebook faceebook faceebook



And next is the Facee of a more younger cat. He wants to slept in the grass. But when I aim to shoot on while he was sleeping, He woke up. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

faceebook faceebook faceebook

But even awake this cuddly cat is very welcoming. He let me finish our shooting session. What I like with taking photos about animals. They are comfortable FREE. No talent fees and a more better subject to practice on.

faceebook faceebook

faceebook faceebook

After a little more shots…. this Litte kitten fell asleep. He got tired so I need to pack-up my things and leave for a moment.

faceebook faceebook faceebook faceebook faceebook  faceebook

after a little more of he goes again.. Smile..ooops a very big smile. You looks like an Icon on faceebook 



We stopped from there. He was looking to me up and then snob.

faceebook faceebook faceebook


If you need a copy of the Photos above without my watermark, Please send a comment below this page, requesting for the RAW photos. I’ll give it for free.


I would like to thank this little cat for serving my camera’s purpose. Now I would love to get some Dubay cats and took shot of them.

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