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How to make a USB bootable Windows XP

I always tried to make windows xp installation  a bit easier for life. When I was asked to format and install a 50 workstations on a single site. I just think of that time to make a windows XP CD with automatic installation. They call it unattended installation. And that was 5years ago until the dawn of the USB. Everything change.
Now you can install and format a workstation using a bootable USB drive. How it was done is pretty straight forward. USB bootable utility like “win to flash” is a software I can recommend a none guru tech. Absolutely straight Forward because all you have to do is put the SOURCE drive destination and Destination (which is the USB Drive).
If you wanted to try on how to make your USB bootable with windows XP here is the link to download the file.

Sorry guys I think this post doesn't work at all. Anyway I have here only the installer on how to make a USB Bootable. I'm still figuring out how to make a Windows 7 USB bootable.. isn't it great if we have that.

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