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My Experience with LTO -- Land Transportation Office

June 27, when i found my wallet stolen at the market. So upset with what happened and stressed that I have to call all banks and credit company I have an account with, and I wont be able to drive without my license with me  so I have to go and process it at the nearest Land Transportation Office, and all I can say is OMG! I went to LTO at around 7am, I 've seen like around fifty people gathered already waiting for the office to open at 8am. When I got my Affidavit of Loss for 150 pesos I started to fall literally in line because of the very long line, and that was just to get the application form. After completing the form and proceed to window 1 and again it appeared to me is another long long long line... grrrr. and it took me 3hrs to make it in front of the customer service attendant and finally had my picture taken and wait for a call from window 3 unfortunately it's 12nn and it's breaktime agghh. I went to fetch my kids at school and had lunch with them and went back to  LTO at 2pm. And when I got back I learned from a couple of man I knew (who share the same sentiments with me) I was already called, but still have to wait for my name again to be called at the cashier. At last this is the last ordeal of getting a duplicate copy of my license, bad thing is I have to wait  again for 2 in half hours OMG! I felt relief when my name is called even I have to pay Php473.00 plus penalty of Php100.00 a total of Php573.00. At last window 6 for releasing yipeee and also time for the employees to prepare to go home. Gosh! it took me a whole day to get the plastic ID.

This experience is disappointing, if all government office had the same system how on earth the Philippines would achieve economic prosperity if with such simple license would take a whole day to process and may I add, in a very uncomfortable manner.

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