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How to prepare to ride on a rainy season.

Today marks the end of the summer, rain has been falling almost everywhere. Particularly in pluvial season, almost every daybreak raining down comprises dense and it's rattling bring in most of scooter riders feel unhappy. Fortunately, Suzuki hayate scooter riders still accept brilliant grins, because they've no more problems with the rainfall.

Along utilizing a rain jacket, most of scooter riders still have problem with their shoes. Water may fuddled their shoes instantly when they ride general motorbike without wings likes suzuki scooters . Their legs have been covered by suzuki fairings, hence not only shoes, merely besides almost all of riders legs are secure from water.

The oppugn at present are how do you ride in the rain season?

Here are a few simple-minded hints that would protect you from accident in the rain season.

Rainy Season Riding Tips

1. Don't forget to place your rain coat in your scooter box.

2. Never open your scooters accelerator to the top position, possibility of your rear scooter to mistake is there during the raining.

3. Decelerate break, I have in mind don't break your scooters too grueling once you need to stop. Adjudicate to break from more tenacious outdistance.

4. Make a point you are using the right tire for the rain season.

5. Pray hard that nobody will hit you from behind.

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