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In everything Give Thanks…

Do you say thanks? Every time there is a blessing? a problem? or just an amazing morning that you see yourself woke up again. We’ll I should say I do. I still say thank you Lord for such blessings that you gave me. I really is blessed today. Our long awaited commission was release this 6PM today. 6 months of hard work had paid off again. Honestly, I don’t count my commission as part of my salary. It’s a Gift. A present and not an obligation. I look at it as a bonus on doing a job well done. I think of it as a blessing that I have to give thanks.

It really as a human nature to be disappointed and feel like its not worth the wait. Hey! don’t get discouraged. It’s a mind game and you just have to bear in mind that it’s a way how the company wants to thank you.

I thank you Lord for all the blessings that You have given me. We now[len and me] that everything is in your hands and you will provide what we need.

God Bless You and God bless MCI!


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