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Sanden 505 Aircon Compressor |Where to buy |Made in Japan | Surplus A/C compressor



sanden 505 R134a


Things you need to know when buying Sanden 505 Compressor.

This is my story on finding the right guy to fixed my Daihatsu charade’s Aircon Problem. It all started when I bought my charade last 2007. It has a a/c but it’s not that very cool compare to other taxi’s that I’ve ride going to Abs-cbn from the Office. I have to put some auxilliary fan inside which are very insane and disgusting to look. It doesn’t serve its purpose. The car is hot and it would be better to open up the Glass window rather that to cooked yourself inside.

A forumer advise to have it  a check with an auto-aircon technician and relieved the problem. They flushed out the Freon and check for leaks. They’ve done leak test and vacuum test. Eventually, there where no leaks and the compressor and all other aircon parts are ok. They put in the freon and the aircon is hitting a 10 degrees celcius. Too cold and I smile with great appreciation. It then lasted for like 3 months and it seems my car was always in the A/C shop to check for the problem because it always lasted for 3 months then the cold temperatue disappear again. I asked the technician what could have been the problem with my cooling system. He answered,” It seems that the Oil shaft seal is broken and have to replace with a new one.” I then agreed to have it a change but unfortunately the Alloy that is holding the shaft seal in tack has a problem. The diameter is far more wider than the original. Servicing it with an new OIL Shaft seal wouldn’t fix the problem. The owner of the shop suggested that he will roam around surplus shop to find the Sanden 505 compressors head. We are exchanging SMS from time to time. Asking for update if he found one for my beloved car.

The next morning it was a sad story. The owner didn’t find one. I have to look for myself but I didn’t find either. The other solution to the problem? To buy a surplus or a new A/C. Thinking twice I have to settle and have no choice but to buy surplus compressor. From a nearby surplus shop. I bought a Sanden 507 surplus for Php 3000. A very huge amount for a surplus parts. I didn’t know that a brand new  sanden 505 cost only Php 4,500.

So after installing the Php 3,000 worth surplus Sanden 507 compressor, My life came back.  My ever beloved Daihatsu Charade is now on the road even on traffic. The compressor serves me 2 years. Which I think is a lot more bang for the buck. I have it service when it has its first year installed on my car. I have it change the OIL and the OiL shaft seal. But this time I had been fooled. It seems that the Oil shaft seal that the techinician put on the compressor is not much. I just have it recalled when I went to another a/c shop to check it.

They asked me what had been the history of the A/c compressor. I told them that I bought it from a surplus shop and after 2 years it bog down. I have then confirmed that Surplus sanden 507 compressor ‘s oil shaft seal can’t be replaced since there where no Parts available for the Sanden 507 which are made in Japan.

I was amazed, star struck and nothing to utter but UHmmmm. hmmmm…

Wish me luck. I then asked the new A/C. What should I do now? He then told me to replace the compressor with a new Compressor. It would cost you around 14k which includes conversion from R-12 to R-134a. Labor and other parts. Wheew it’s a big huge of money and I can’t help but say NO and told the guy. I’ll be back.

Then suddenly I asked a PSRC friend of mine if He knows something else aside from the Guy who wants to take off 14,000 away from me. He then refer me to Herman. Herman check my A/C and gave me all the List of materials to buy. They even gave me the shop where to buy all the stuffs.

In all of this I also try to asked from forums. I do a lot of research and do a lot of asking from aircon repair shops. I hope this would help you too decide on how you would buy your compressor. The only thing that stucks in my mind that I have read on

Aircon system, especially compressor, are vital parts. They shouldn’t be replaced by surplus since it moves and has little span life.

This is my New Sanden 505 R134a Compressor. I bought it for Php 4,500 here in Cainta,Rizal. Although the sticker says Made in Japan. It’s actually made in Singapore. I think I have to say thanks to the vendor who sold me this compressor since He still told me that its not made in japan but singapore instead. Atleast he has the guts.

I also change my expansion valve and Drier. All in all the parts cost Php 5,780.

sanden 505 R134a sanden 505 R134a 

Tomorrow I will have it installed. And this is the story and my journey on fixing my A/C problem.

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