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Major, Major!!!

Yes, after the success of Jejemons and overtaking aggressive Bekimons. This phrase has been the talked of the Town. After the questions and answer trivia this MAJOR MAJOR phrase had been facbook and twitters trends.

Last Tuesday, I was on a seminar regarding Project Management. I’m with siemens guys, JITS a contruction company and other industry work force. Wherein every discussions this phrase MAJOR, Major problem always butt in.

I won’t be surprised if another professor would patent this keyword “Major,major” and use as an entry on the Annual SAWIKAAN. I forgot the name of the award giving body. I felt sad about how Filipinos criticized our very own Maria Venus Raj despite of her giving all her best. In order to counterpart my “INIS”. I put a phrase on my profile in FB saying.” puro kayo sita kala nyo naman eh kagaganda nyo. Miss Barangay nga di kayo manalo eh”.

How about you? how’d you react on such situation? Are you such a hypocrite? or a optimistic kinda thingy?

see you around

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