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Last $1.42

This is the last penny I need to complete the $100 adsense qouta and will again be receiving my MTCN number and be heading for Western Union.

Want to know the secret on how to earn thru blogging?


1. Get a constant update of your Blog. Post as constant as you can. Posting once a day or once a week is ok as long at you are doing it constantly.

2. Get a crowd. Join blog events and earn friends. Be a facebook Fans of other organizations.

3. Behave and read more books and share it with your friends and be a better citizen of the blogosphere.

4. Check your Ads placement. Take a look at my ads placement and copy where it was positioned.

5. Check your grammar. Me i don’t. I need to but the white smoke writer 2010. I’m still thinking for $89.90 worth software.


Lastly, get a lot of sleep.

Here’s a screenshot of the $1.42 minus $100 adsense report.




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