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Hindi lahat ng nakasulat dito ay totoo

Minsan kailangan mo mag experiment. Last two weeks I posted on my Facebook , Waiting for an important call then this week I posted that I have receive a call.

It’s also a link-bait. If you don’t have any idea then read this blog about Link baiting.

Although yung traffic that my website spikes up and also do alot of people are asking me if I’m leaving and changing a career. Hmmmm

Mind you. Only me knows that. Why should I have it publicized in the first place. I should be in silent if that is true. Sometimes you need to do weird things in order for your demands to be met.

So for now, I’m still waiting for my Suzuki swift. Delivered to me coming this January. I’m still looking forward for such benefits. I waited for like 5 years to make it happen why not make a grasps of it.

Am I fooling you now? Think about it.

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