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How to remove too many Tunnel Adapters


My problem has been fixed.  I have disabled IPv6 and uninstalled all 447 of the Tunnel Adapters that the ipconfig listed.  I displayed them in device manager with ‘show hidden files' and individually uninstalled each one.  My Network works fine now.  I have no problems.  I am a little worried about disabling Ipv6 because I feel that it will be required in the future.  I am convinced that it is a Windows 7 problem though and MS is bound to fix it sooner or later. 

This is a problem with windows 7 using the IPv6 that has been enabled by default. The connection for the said protocol reoccur every restart. I have here the screenshot when I issue the command, Ipconfig on the command prompt.

Notice that there are many tunnel adapter Local Area Connection.



If we are going to examine more closely and checking on the device manager, there are also this adapters that are hardware installed.  Please see the picture below. I have unhidden the devices on my device manager by clicking on the view-Show hidden devices.


From the forums suggestion we can have this uninstall one by one. I believe it will be a daunting task if we are going to do what I have suggested earlier from this post. So in order to have it removal automatically. Here is a software you can use. Its an exe file ready for use. It came into kinds one for 32 bit and the other one is for 64bit.

Here is the download link for the ‘REMOVAL of TUNNEL Adapters.’

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