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nVidia® nForce Pro 2200 (CK804) Driver Download


I have a supermicro H8DCE in the office that is sleeping and  waiting for nothing. I notice that this is the best time to play with its Raid system. The idea came into my mind because every time a client calls for a problem with their server,ie, the system doesn’t boot up or an ntldr is missing or something like a degraded raid system. I always suggest do a clean format.

Hey is this me? suggesting for a clean format of something that shouldn’t be don’t at the first place?

So for a better me, I decided to configure and do a test with the Supermicro H8DCE model. I got the instructions on how to configure its raid system at their website. Now I have added two drives on its system and mirror it. Now here is the fun part. Installing windows 2003 server platform. I managed to boot from cd-rom, When I press F8 for install, it says there is no Hardrive detected. This only means I need to add the sata drivers in order for the installer to detect the hard drive. I’ve searched and looked all over the web for the keyword,” Nvidia nForce Pro 2200” but there is no luck. I was trying to look for it for about an hour until I begin to forget it and drive home,

After a sumptuous meal, I decided to check on the supermicro again. It directed me to their FTP site. If ever you are wondering the ftp address is You can check all the drivers there with a very fast response from their server. So now I go to SATA and look for Nvidia and there I found CK804 which is the Nvidia Sata raid Controller’s driver.

You can Download the file here.

Hope it works tomorrow on my testing.

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