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Want to buy an Automatic Washing Machine


Last week, I decided to bought my wife an Automatic Washing Machine. It actually is a very late decision since she is asking for it since last year. We actually have a semi automatic washing machine but without the spin dryer attached to it now a single apart tub dryer. I just notice from our cash flow that we spend 10k for the laundry. In  a month we spend Php1,200, each laundry cost 300. Although doing these helps my neighbor a lot.

So much for the introduction on what made me bought this monster. The model I bought is a Panasonic 9.0kg. I asked colleague on which are better and they told me its much better to buy the bigger one. Bigger machine means more laundry you can put inside. With more laundry inside you can also save more water and soap. The Panasonic Automatic machine is also a fuzzy logic washing machine. Meaning it can detect the water level. It pours on the water automatically with against how heavy your clothes are. With the difference also on the reserve function. Other automatic washing machine starts its reserve function at 6 hours as its minimum waiting time, with the Panasonic Automatic Washing Machine it can reserve a minimum of 2 hours. Just enough for mall hours or going to some errands.

The nice feature I also notice is the Child lock. When there is a child around you can still use the Automatic washing machine and not worrying if the kids could mess up with the settings. I just don’t like the hose connector. I need to cut it on half in order to put another connector which I bought in ace hardware.

Well for now I’m happy that I can change clothes whenever I want without my wife nagging to stop changing clothes from time to time. Let the Automatic Washing machine Help you out guys!  It would really help a lot. By the way it only cost you Php 17,000. If you want to do a deferred installment scheme it cost me 1,300/month.

Now I can wash my clothes! sabi nga nila.. AKO ang TIGASIN ng mga labahan.

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