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33 years a look back in the Past

Jesus was crucified when He was 33 years of age. A lot of achievement from the master rabi. At the age of 33, He knows from himself that He had finished everything God his father had commanded Him. He was able to put his kingdom into the hearts of Men. He knows that there is a time limit of His existence here on Earth and He also have a time to beat.

Today, marks my 33rd birthday. Unlike Jesus I still have unfinished business. A lot of dreams to make and fulfill. Especially, I’m not a God like Jesus but a follower of Him. So let’s get back and take a look back in the past.

Born here in Taytay Rizal on March 6, 1978. A comadrona on taytay brought me out in this world. At a young age I was able to walk early as scheduled. I remember my mother telling story about me that I wake up early and follow my father at the poso where he get our water for the day. I also remember the story when I almost drown when a typhoon came in taytay and the house we are living almost got a knee deep of water and I slip into the bed and accidentally flip over the water. Good thing, I survived when my father got awake. at the age of 1 1/2 year old, I got a high fever and from that moment I was positive polio victim. My Parents didn’t knew all about the vaccine for the said disease.Time flew and I recognized I’m different but it didn’t stop me. For myself I’m normal and nothing stops me from dreaming. I went to school and didn’t get any awards. I just remember I’m a consistent  pilot section students when I was in Highschool. I took a 5 year BS ECE course. I remember I did well on some subjects and some I didn’t. I took my Licensure exam on April 2001 and Pass the Board. I then find a job for almost 1 year.

My journey on finding job in the jungle fascinates me almost. I started as a Data analyst in Laguna. The job is analyzing documents and encoding HTML codes. Its the code searcheable over the web. We actually make old books from hardcopy to softcopy. It’s a repeating process for almost 6 months to me. I didn’t able to save money on my first job. Good thing I receive a job here in Ortigas. The nature of the job is  encoding maps. Just like in google maps but this time you have to trace the roads and put some markings on it. A boring work but tremendously better than the old one since I can see my family everyday.6months later, I got a chance to work in Eastwood. Just the same Job description I have on my first job. When I was in Laguna where  I earn 6,250 enough just for me. When I was in Ortigas It added 250 on it but the coolest part of it when I got hired in IBM. It went up to 8,000. Cool I said. after two months of encoding job I applied again for another position as a technical support. Now my life change! In about 3 months my salary added again and became 9,000. From this Job, I learn my skills on Server administration and Networking. Together with Documenting server performance. From two years of everyday server management I gain an experience in IT. Thanks to Athena Inc for being a guinea pig.

After two years of Technical support, I was eyeing for Network Administrator but then I made another career change. I applied for MIS/IT support for Media Convergence where a good friend of mine is my Boss. 2 years I manage clients Active Directory servers, FTP, MS SQLs and Etere software. I was able to master the Italian Software automation for 2 years. When a colleague went abroad, I have to step up and became a supervisor for software. Tremendously my life or our life change. From 11,000 salary now I can’t have it published here. The coolest thing about my 33 years experience is that I’m just starting! And another cool thing are happening right now. All of this is because of God and I bring back all the Glory to HIM.

All I can say is that believe that you can do it. Pray that God will give it to you and third, Constantly do what is Good to you and your Family.

AMEN. Happy Birthday To me….

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