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Ipad 2: what to expect?


Ipad 2 had been release last week. In line with Apple’s realization the year old Ipad dropped its price. If you are an Ipad user what should you expect with the new generation ipad 2? It seems apple had a lot of revisions and rather that sending a new IOS for upgrade for the IPAD they sent the whole package. Although the IPAD 2 is running on 4.3 IOS. It seems this Apple’s tablet got a better processor and ram with a better lightweight comparison with its predecessor.



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Reading along with Ipad2 release, Some retailers had dropped for about Php 4,000 in price. In the Philippines Villman only drops the price for Php 1,000, Maybe in a few months it would tremendously dropped its price when the IPAD 2 reach the Philippine Shore.

Apple's second-gen slate will reportedly feature a dual-core processor, a better screen, more RAM and storage, a front-facing camera, and possibly a rear-facing camera. It'll run on both GSM and CDMA networks.

It’s also in direct competition with Motorola’s XOOM tablet and Samsung’s Galaxy tablet running on Android 3.0 OS.

This year would be a Tablet year for all of us. Samsung Galaxy have also release the 10” tablet and expect a direct competition on Samsung, Apple and Motorola.

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