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Taking Care Tips Shih Tzu breed

There are things to consider when you want to bring home this cuddly little cute dog.I  bought a  shih tzu from a good friend of mine. It was almost 10 weeks of age when they have personally turn over to me. This little guy is such a happiness to my two girls. So aside from her cuteness, She’s also smart. I notice that when she jump out of the sofa and bump his throat on the floor. The next time I put her up again She just behave and didn’t dare to jump again.
Our shih tzu sleeps a lot today. Maybe because she has a cold and she’s taking medication perhaps she’s a bit dizzy and likes to sleep all day long. So what are to consider when taking care of the Shih Tzu breed.
Get yourself an ebook on how to train them. I got one and downloaded it for $50. Its amazing to know that an ordinary guy can train such a superb breed. In that book I read a lot about the dogs character.
Second Tip- Give her time when she’s sleeping. Talk to your kids that one should be respected when she’s sleeping and having its siesta time.
Third- A good walk into the vet for the first time would be better. Checking on her Health will be the first to consider after bringing her home.
I will continue my tips on how to have this breed grow the way you wanted her to behave.

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