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Review: Mizzle Taranis X1R

Today I decide to change my Swallow Thunder 90/80 Rear Tubeless Tire with Mizzle Taranis X1R 90/80 Tube type. Although I was hesitant to have it change for the reason that I’m not a believer of Tubetype Tires. One dis-advantages of tube type tires are basically when they got nailed, They will surely flatten and no other way to have it fixed but to go to your nearest Vulcanizing shop. Despite this disadavantage it has come to my attention that its more cheaper compare to the Swallow Tubeless tire that I have. And also I have bad experience with the Swallow Tire when its raining and you run on paint pavement.  I don’t know what they call it but those roadsigns on the roads with Solid and intermittent white lines. I experience it with my Swallow that every time I run on that painted pavement. My tires slides a little. Although, I can manage to balance and continue with the journey.

The Mizzle Taranis X1R is a little bit more taller compare to the swallow 90/80-16 inch. It looks like the size is a swallow 100/80 if I will compare. I road test it today by doing a quick break upon acceleration. Two or three times it slides before I hit the humps on the road. After, I make a dozen breaking on the rear it then finally didn’t slides anymore. Although there where reviews and foretold that a 200kms of ride will be better way of breaking it. I do suggest doing that but for the first 10kms do yourself a favor. Burn it out and break it hard. The Rubber are still coated with chemicals that needs to be scratch out of it.

In order to service also the side wall. I make a test of my bike . Circling around and around like the Motokhana boys are doing. I try to make it an effort not to have my feet hold the ground. I also found out that I got talent balancing my scooter. Hmmmm so I was wondering if I can join a Motokhana next year and see if I can do compete.

I will upload a video here in my website on what I do with my breaking using the Motokhana way. I hope you can share your comments on Mizzle Taranis

Mizzle Taranis X1r cose me Php 1,100 plus interior( 120).

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