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Ross Xpression via Etere Automation

Let’s dig a little differ on the CII Protocol Command. There are s test done now on the Graphic Server if it can receive command from Etere. The requierements we have right now is to have the Template Automatically be launched using the Etere Automation.

With some coding on the CTM files, We managed to output every scene of the template in Ross Xpression.

If you want to load data of project you need first to declare it with the M\ for example if I have a project located in D:\Project\DEMO.xpf I should write it on my CTM files as like this.


And to load it a TAKE ID scene you need then to specify what scene number it is. if the particular scene has a Take ID of 0001 your Load command should be.


This will load the scene and ready for execution. Now in order to get the graphics on-air. We then issue a TAKE command on the machine using the CII protocol Command ''Y’’. You’re command will look like these.


This command should be written in notepad with UTF-8 encoding. The extension should be .ctm and should be copied inside the c:\Program Files\Etere\ctmfiles\

and then add this ctm on the Script string at the Configuration Settings module of Etere.

If you have further question controlling Ross xpression via Etere automation using CII protocol. Send a comment or email me below. I hope to help you on your Journey on Broadcast Engineering.

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