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Torque Cell phone cost checklist with regard to wet day time purchase is visible beneath. Torque cell phones offers this particular continuing purchase there isn't any particular particulars till whenever may be the purchase may finish however it nevertheless seem fascinating simply because because that which was mentioned within the printing advert “Until provide final. ” Therefore most likely at this point you understand what these people want to suggest. Torque Cell phones offers wide selection of providing for example twin sim twin standby along with TELEVISION, multiple sim, TELEVISION along with wi-fi compatability, google android cell phones simply title this plus they contain it. Most likely they've the cheapest listed telephone however within the Philippines from P649 the actual E65 solitary sim loan calculator such as telephone. I believe additionally they contain the very first twin sim google android telephone within the Philippines the actual droids twin costing P7999.



Torque Mobile Phones Price list:

Torque Phones Single Sim
E35 – P649
A75 – P799
E55 – P899

Torque mobile Phone Dual Sim (2 sim)
D2 – P999
D8 – P1399
DQ51 – P1499
D77 – P1499
D88 – P1499
D78 Music – P1588
DQ70 – P1699
D110 Metal – P1988
D91 Power – P1988
DQ30 TV – P1988
DQ300 – P1988
DTV37 – P1988
F1 Metal – P1988
D93 Power – P1988
D82 Music – P2199
DQ600 TV – P2488
DQ610 MTV – P2488
D92 Slim – P2499
i8 Flair – P2499
DQ700TV – P2999
i28 Rush – P2999
DQ510 Slim – P2999

Torque Phone Dual sim with Wifi Price List
DQ900 P3788
i88 Rave – P3988
DX75 3G – P3988

Torque Phones Dual Sim with TV and Wifi
i68 Flow – P3988
i88 Rave – P3988

Torque Phones with Dual Sim with TV, Wifi and android OS
Droids Dual – P7999
Droids Tandem – P9999

Torque mobile phone with Tripple Sim
TQ310 Tristar – P3499
TQ200 Tripad – P2999
T100 Thrice – P2999

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