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Facebook testing 'Trusted Friends' feature,password unlock feature

How Many of you have a situation like this. Create a Facebook account. Jump off all your relatives and poke everyone and added classmates, churchmates. In a short time you fall in love with said account. The worse thing happen. You computer bog down. It can’t boot up and The hard drive crash eventhough it’s a SSD drives. You can’t and won’t know.
Then here  You go to login on a new machine, and you realize that your minty fresh browser has no recollection of your Facebook password. At this point, you're probably pondering the point of taking another breath. All though I still like having the forgot my password help and be able to open and retrieve the account using the Email account.
Evidently, Facebook understands your dilemma, and in the coming weeks, it'll be testing out a new password recovery system for those who can't / won't take advantage of the existing methods. Christened "Trusted Friends," the feature will allow a user to select between three and five pals that they're confident will help out in dire times. Then, should you lose your password, Facebook can send recovery codes to that gang, and they can hand 'em over to you in order to unlock things. According to Facebook, it's akin to "giving a house key to your friends when you go on vacation." The only concern? Friends aren't friends forever, and even BFFs can morph into WEEs given the right circumstances. Choose wisely, or should I say Trust someone that can be trusted.

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