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How I earn money from blogging

Do you really want to know?

Is it a requirements to post in here?

Are you sure you want to know how I make it?

and in the end why should I share earning online?

So basically, all the things you need to know are not free. They come in package. If you want to earn big you need to invest big. If you want it free then you're gonna get it free. Meaning you will also earn free. How cool is that for you?

This will be my question for you before I proceed with my talumpati. Why you want to earn? and why do you want to earn by blogging? Would you get inspire if I will tell you that I earn a Php 100K in 6 months through blogging? Honestly, its not Melardenio Dot com but I will assume you had been a reader of that blog. I got a dozen of these blogs and for security reason It would be better not to publish the link instead. It's a common practice for us bloggers actually.

In order to earn thru blogging here are some tips I would recommend.
1. Blog constantly. Writing and writing constant would let your readers and followers know that in this particular time there is a fresh info on your blogsite.
2. Blog on things that has Low competition keywords but has high traffic.- This would require alot of research. You may want to join forums and read alot about keyword research.
3. Subscribe and like this page. I will post tips and ways on how we can help each other.

4. Get a sleep. Writing a blog is exhausting. It requires every part of your body. If your body is tired, then I don't think you're gonna have a good idea that your readers would love to.

5. Do it again.

Thank you for reading my blog. Not all can be posted here. There are things in life that are not free. If you are really eager to earn. You can send an email to me at melardenio at Gmail dot com.

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