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Apple Mackbook Pro Won't charge

It happen again. When I try to plugin my MAC book Pro it didn't charge. The Plug didn't lit up into amber or green when the magnet touches the hole. Its odd that after a few minutes it didn't charge. I didn't dropped the charger and I don't remember anything I've done which it will cause not to function.
I tried pluggin in to another outlet in the room but still didn't charge.

I was thinking if the wires had cut inside because of bending when I try to put it in my HighSierra bag. Looking and checking at the Gold plated connectors they are all seems touching their counterpart pins on my Mac Book pro.

In order to solve the problem.

1. I grab a cotton buds.
2. Pour into the buds a small amount of Isopropyl alcohol.
3. Rub the connector and the hole where you put the charger connector.
4. Just a simple cleaning and its now working.

I'm happy now that its charging again and because of what I've found I've posted this on my blog for the others to know how to fix this problem.

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