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The power of Static Routing

With the complex of networks nowadays. Network administrators face problems when they don't have the right tools at the right time. LAN networks are simple Ethernet Protocol. All workstation are just connected in a single switch. How then if you have multiple networks connected on one or two cascade.

And the other network is connected on the internet with the default gateway? How do you add another gateway in order for the traffic to route on that network?

Static routing came handy in this case. Let me clarify better.

So you have Network 1.
IP Address:

Router DMZ IP address:
Router LAN IP address:

Network 2

IP Address:

Network 1 has internet connection via the Router LAN.

Now in order for the network to communicate in the Network 1. we will add a static route to the workstations with this syntax. on the command prompt, type.

Route add

and there you have it.

If you want to have the route save even when you restart the pc just add -p at the end.

Route add -p

Tell me if you need help. Just comment below and I will try to answer on the best that I could.

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