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Reminiscing Nueva Ecija

After a couple of months of none posting here on my personal blog. I was able to get a glimpse of time for me to write something about me. I wasn't able to blog here on my personal blog because of too many reasons. One thing I could tell you is that I've been focusing on my Money Making blog the past two years. A lot of my colleagues didn't know about in order for me not to be kicked off by Google due to unsolicited clicks on the same IP. So It was a long time that I haven't able to put my hands on my personal blog.

So to start with. I'm not in Manila. I left yesterday night from Taytay and headed to Nueva Ecija. A good friend of mine is asking if I can help in the elections. Since He knows I know a lot of softwares and IT systems. What he wants me to do is to check if there are some hidden secrets or hacking activities that will make the election in their town unsuccessful. So over the phone, I told him that it's all safe and I think the government had already learned a lot base from experience. Nonetheless, He still insist to have me on their town. So here is me now writing over my blog at the bottom of a big Mango tree.  

I gave this post as "reminiscing Nueva Ecija" because as I was traversing yesterday night. All the good memories my father all came in front of my face. It even shook me to the inner core and gives me the feeling again of I'm home. Whooa, I miss my father. So after a 3 hour bus ride I was able to reach my destination. Cool, quiet and clean air. Wow! Paradise indeed. I headed on my mother's ancestral house. A cool classic built in the late 1800's truly this house is a testament of time. Bricks and hard wood Narra are still intact and you can even say that maybe a 100years it will still last. According to my mother, Lola bought the house for 200 pesos. Hehehehehe so cheap but during their days it was expensive. A lot of memory that this house had kept. It has heard all the quiet conversations. All the romantic words of Lolo to my Lola.

Nothing more comes close to having such a beautiful province like Nueva Ecija. Although, I wasn't able to visit you from time to time but still your charisma still last. I'll be going back on Monday and hoping that I will be able to vote. If not, then I might stay for 1 or 2 more days.

Thank you for reading.

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