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My Led light Eagle Eye...

Would the picture above impress you? Not the way I have taken. I'm not talking about Photography here. I'm saying that would you like to have your Skydrive installed with this kind of Light? The light is called an Eagle Eye Led light. Actually there is a lot of motorcycle enthusiast that decided to change their stock bulb to LED lights. Maybe the reason is Low consumption on the Battery. Which means adding more life to your battery.

What are the things you need to accomplish this task?

 Eagle Eye Led lights
 Old credit card or ATM
Electrical tape

I wouldn't go on how you will remove your motorcycle fairings but  would like to reiterate is how to make a holder for your Eagle Eye Led light. So as you can see below. The Holder I us is a ATM Card. A plastic card would be good. I just don't know if this LED light is hot and would be able to melt the ATM card. We will see in the near future. So keep posted here.

Cut the card at the desire length and size of where you will put the LED light. Find a suitable place. Ikaw na bahala!. Then using a Cutter make a hole for the LED lights and also for the Wood screw that will hold the Light in place.

I manage to have a small allowance to the fender in order for the led light not to scratch the surface.

Here's my final view!

Hope you like it!

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