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#Bendgate: Apple Iphone 6 Bending Spa Explained

A couple of weeks ago with about 10millions unit sold. I think Apple inc. Won't issue a recall instead, but rather would replace all Iphone6 that bends accidentally. So how do you tell them its accidentally bent? I do agree with the Video that not only Iphone 6 bend, there are also other Iphone that bends.. So this is a generation of products that bends. Can we call it the Apple Iphone Bend version? Samsung also has a Bend version of Galaxy as he mentioned in the video. Everyone folds which a phone also do. What's the big deal with a product that bends? Is it because the price against the quality is far not equal? Or is it we filipinos cannot afford?

Technically speaking, if this will be the scenario would it be better in the next model to be released that we will be expecting something more rigid? What's the point of buying a superslim phone and at the end you';; have to reinforce it with a casing? Is it because Apple wants to lead the competition on who is the Biggest Loser? So be it, I don't care if I have a Fat Phone as long as it never bends. I've watch the video showing how he bends his Iphone 6 with his bear hands and I think this video below explains how and why it bends.

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