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Omega Cobra Car Alarm Manual ( How to disable Valet Mode Function)

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 I had mine Omega Cobra installed last November. It has anti-hijacking capability, valet mode and other security features. I haven't installed the Engine Auto Shut-off as it may cause more problem due to complex wiring. I don't want to mess up with. I also added a trunk release as part of my Alarm. So even if you are a bit far on the car you can open the trunk once you press the Mute button. It also has this valet mode capability that you can use that will disable the AUTO-Arm mode of the security unit. As this security alarm will auto ARM when in 30 minutes you open and leave the car and forgot to ARM, It will auto-Lock it's self. If you forgot your key, then sorry. This is where Vale mode helps. It will not auto-Arm on 30 seconds and it will not auto-arm if the valet attendant press the Brake Pedal. Unfortunately, I have triggered the Valet mode, which makes my security system nothing but a keyless entry car. As if you don't have any alarms at all. I've misplaced my Manual and cannot locate it anymore. I tried to search google and ask friends in Facebooook. but still I can't unlock the valet mode. The good thing is that the shop I have it installed was a kilometer away from my house. I asked them if it's possible to check the manual for my security alarm. And without any hesitation they allow me to take a photo of the Manual. So without any further talking... I have here the OMEGA COBRA Auto security Alarm. To disable and enable the Valet mode... you just have to press the Lighting button once then press the Mute button 2 seconds then Hold. The procedure is Vice-versa...
You can check it on Page 5.


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