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90 Days and more

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The title was a bit under statement unless you will read this full blog post below on how and why. Of course, it’s all about the money when I grabbed the opportunity as the Price tag singer was mending about. I don’t mind being alone. I don’t care who to work with and I actually don’t care what the work is. I just simply have in mind. I want to go abroad and be an OFW. I’m selfish and on the other end relentless as I might say.
I was excited to work abroad aside from being free from the metro’s traffic and the Philippines bloody News every day. Who else doesn’t like to have the privilege to stay in a nice five star hotel facing the wonder Full-Gulf of Qatar? Who would resist working on a well-known TV station that you will be able to learn a lot of new technology and would also add more on your credentials and experience? Who would not love to pay all your credit card debt and who among you wouldn’t like to complete a 25 years to pay housing and Lot in 2 years. Isn’t everything is good?
Dahil gwapong gwapo ako sa sarili ko.. Selfie pa din ako
So what’s the change in mind after 90 days staying here in Doha? Boring and Homesick. I miss my wife, kids, my  dogs, my house, my plants, my sofa, my smart TV, my car, my troupe, my cafĂ© racer and my scooter. After all, this was the things that I never thought in the first place when I decide and say yes.  So now, I was able to understand the word, “ Bagong Bayani”. I was able to feel the pain in every song that pertains to an OFW. The sacrifice that each and every one of us feel. All of them were nothing every time we filled up for the remittance center. I’m happy as long as you are happy. I wouldn’t mind if my employer scold me on top of his voice, I don’t care if my colleagues are making fun of me, as long as at the end of the day I earn. I still love working here in Doha, It definitely outweighs my boredom versus the money. Although, sometimes it still makes me think that I was able to survive the 90 days, why not survice the 540 days?

It’s actually 90 days when I leave Manila for an overseas opportunity and a little senti here and there is good... oh yeah! Cheers to a merry making blog post!

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