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Honda ADV 160: Your all in One scooter!


The Honda ADV 160 is a scooter that can do it all. You can go on long trips, take short trips around town and even cruise through traffic with this little guy.


Honda's new ADV 160 is powered by a 160cc four-stroke engine. It has an air cooled design and an automatic transmission, which gives the bike a fuel capacity of 6.8 liters (1 gallon). The front disc brakes and rear drum brake provide excellent stopping power for all types of riding conditions, while the light weight at 119 kilograms makes this bike easy to handle on long rides.


The drivetrain is a classic example of Honda's dedication to quality and reliability. The transmission has a six-speed manual gearbox, but it's not the only thing that makes this bike stand out from other bikes on the road.

The suspension offers rebound control (or compression), which allows you to adjust how much travel there is in each stroke of your tires as they roll over bumps or dips in the road. This means that if you're riding over an uneven surface like gravel or sand, it will allow your body weight to compress more before letting go again so there isn't any jarring feeling when going over rough terrain at high speeds (or even just riding around town).

Brakes are also improved thanks to new technology developed by Honda called EBC "Extreme Braking Control"® systems—they've been paired up with dual hydraulic discs front & rear which allow riders who have never tried this style before get used too! They're designed specifically for people who want extra stopping power without sacrificing comfort while braking hard down from speed; both brakes use dual pistons working together through two calipers which are mounted inside openings in each wheel hub so they can be adjusted independently depending on what kind of surface needs braking most today."


The Honda ADV 160 is a lightweight 4-stroke scooter with an engine displacement of 160cc and power output of 9.7 PS/6000 RPM, 10.4 Nm/4000 RPM torque, 7.5L fuel tank capacity (capacity is not officially confirmed) and top speed of 110 kmph. Acceleration is 0-60 kmph in 8 seconds on this model as well.


Safety is a priority for Honda. The ADV 160 has been awarded the following safety certifications:

  • ANCAP (Australian New Car Assessment Program) 5 stars for adult occupant protection and child occupant protection, both with airbags as standard;

  • US DOT FMVSS 222:1 – Child restraint systems and boosters (for children up to age 8 years or 135kg)

The bike also comes with ABS brakes, which provide greater control over braking distance and reduce skidding on wet roads.

The Honda ADV 160 is a fun little scooter that can take you places easily.

The Honda ADV 160 is a fun little scooter that can take you places easily. It is a great commuter vehicle, offroad vehicle, city vehicle and even fishing boat! The Honda ADV 160 has been designed for riders who want to have fun on their travels. This scooter has everything you need in one small package:

  • Smaller size than other scooters on the market

  • Comfortable seating experience

  • Well-designed handlebar grips (they don’t slip off)


The Honda ADV 160 is a great little scooter that you can take anywhere. It is fun and fast, but also easy to ride and maneuver. The only downside is that it does not have all the bells and whistles of other models like headlights or cruise control, so if you need those features then this isn't the best option for you.

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