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My Super Suzuki Hayate 125

I have to take a pic of my suzuki hayate today. I got inspired by a blog made by stever named I went to Club Manila East and take a little pics of the scoot, “buknay” not a good photographer..but still carry on…Super Hayate 125  This is Buknay. My super suzuki hayate 125. All-stock except for the HID light system I’ve installed when he was 6 months old.
suzuki Hayate 125Between the Trunks today but everyday on my commute we are squeezed between cars and trucks. How I wish traffic here in the philippines will soon get better.
Suzuki Hayate
Sometimes we need to treat our Scoots like they have their own way of life. I leave buknay beside this tree. It's now regenerating its power to face the world again tomorrow. Rest now my friendly scoot

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